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Creative Marketing Strategies for the myfriendsinspain Referral Program
Welcome to the myfriendsinspain Referral Program! In this section, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our referral program, its benefits, and how you can make the most of this exciting opportunity. By the end of this section, you will have a clear understanding of how the program works and how you can earn rewards by referring friends to myfriendsinspain. In this lesson, we introduce you to the myfriendsinspain Referral Program—an exclusive multi-level marketing initiative offered by myfriendsinspain, a leading provider of the Instant Telephone Interpretation Service and phonecall services. Discover how our referral program aligns with our mission of breaking down language barriers and delivering exceptional language services to clients worldwide.
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Creative Marketing Strategies For The myfriendsinspain Referral Program
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In this section we will discuss the ALL IMPORTANT Personalised Referral Links

It is ultra-important to understand that:

Everything we do in the Referral Program relies on the correct use of the Personalised Referral Links.

This is the only way for the system to record that is was you that recommended our services to that particular client, and therefore to ensure that you receive your appropriate commission from their purchase. And if that wasn’t reason enough to make sure to understand and use them correctly, there are also three other people, above you in the network, waiting to receive their part of the commission generated by that sale too! – Just the same as once you have added people to your network and you are eagerly awaiting to see the fruits of your labour, and your commissions to start to roll in. In this video, we’ll show you not only how to find your standard link, but also to make specific links to our various services and who to send them to to make sure you always send the right people to the right place on our site.

Links to send to potential clients to promote different aspects of myfriendsinspain’s services:

Open your ==> Dashboard NOW, go to ==> Affiliate Links and make Personalised Referral Links for each of the following list to save them ready for later.

NOTE: Remember, it is IMPERATIVE that you create your own links for these in your Dashboard BEFORE sending them to any potential client or referrer to ensure the contact is properly recorded for you.

You are not limited to this list, as you can make a link to literally any page on our site – apart from the closed membership pages like your Dashboard for example – that would be pointless!

We have listed and explained the most frequent and effective pages below.

1. https://myfriendsinspain.com/winmins

Did you know you can give a FREE TRIAL to anyone you choose? Use this link to give a FREE 5 minute call to any interested party. They can try our service completely FREE. On this page, people can register to WIN MINUTES but, now you’re an insider, we’ll let you into a little secret…EVERYBODY WINS A FREE 5 Minute Call!!! While they enter for a chance to win a 5, 15 or 30 minute call, everyone automatically and instantly wins a 5 minute call, then they also go into the monthly draw to win a 15 or 30 minute call, as well. WE WANT PEOPLE TO TRY OUR SERVICE – that way they won’t be able to stop themselves telling all their friends how awesome it was! You can tell them that inside secret when sending them this link. *This is not suitable for immediate calls as it requires 24h notice to book their free call. If you see a need for immediate assistance, you can gift minutes from your own balance to them.

2. https://myfriendsinspain.com/referral-program

Use this link for potential clients, interested in the service and the monthly subscription, but also interested in the referral program.

3. https://myfriendsinspain.com/register

Use this link for a person or business that you have already been discussing things with, and that has now made the decision to jump in full speed. This is the only public page that displays the commission structure.

4. https://myfriendsinspain.com/affiliate-registration

Use this link for fellow referrers, or affiliates. This allows FREE registration into the scheme, on the condition that commissions will only be issued after generating at least the 10€ per month to cover their own subscription, which must be activated in order to receive the commission payments generated above that figure. IE You can join for free,but you must buy the subscription before receiving commissions.

5. www.myfriendsinspain.com/work-with-us

Use this link for a bilingual person who has expressed interest in having a dream job as an interpreter, with us. All interpreters that work for myfriendsinspain automatically join the Referral Program so that they get commission, on top of earnings, for any clients that they bring onboard with them, or generate whilst working with us – these are people that could earn you quite a bit if they are in your network. Make sure to explain that to them too. If we are not taking on new interpreters at the moment they apply, they can still earn by applying, then joining the Referral Program – and that is the best way to get noticed by us! If they do that, they’ll be high on the list as soon as we need to call on more interpreters. And this could be directly thanks you yours and their efforts, so all the more reason for them to jump in quick! A real win-win!

6. https://myfriendsinspain.com/monthly-subscription-plan-15-mins

Use this link for a client that you have been talking to, and who needs our subscription service directly. They will automatically become part of the Referral Program, and will receive a link to this course too!

7. https://myfriendsinspain.com/call-bundles

Use this link for any client that you have been talking to, who needs to purchase a call bundle and book a call.

8. https://myfriendsinspain.com/product-category/telephone-interpretations/call-bundles

Use this link for any client you have been talking to, who needs to purchase a call bundle and book a call.

9. https://myfriendsinspain.com/add-language

Use this link for anyone who wants to request we add a language to our service. They will receive an email asking if they have any immediate requirements. We can always address any linguistic request – with advanced warning. If we have 100 or more requests for a language, we know there is enough demand to add it to the 24h service too.

Create Links here ⇒ Dashboard

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