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call bundles

Just need a quick call?

No problem, Prepay from 5 minutes and still save compared to calling us from a mobile.

Frequent user?

Call Bundles from 60 to 180 minutes.

SAVE over 20% by bulk buying your minutes.

Need even more?

Dive right in with any Call Bundle and book your first call to let us know what you’ll be needing – we won’t deduct the time for that particular call and we will offer a package price with further savings to help you.​

Call Bundles

*All Call Bundles have a duration of 30 days from date of purchase, except the 180 minute (3hr) Call Bundle which has a duration of 60 days from date of purchase.

Please contact us within 7 days of the end date if special circumstances have prevented you from using your minutes in time and we will try to be flexible.

how about we call you?

Take advantage of the convenience AND save money with our Prepaid Call Bundles

  • Book your calls in advance and have as many calls as you need until your minutes are used up.
  • We can call you by telephone or WhatsApp OR we can join you on a Zoom Call – whichever is most convenient and practical.
  • We can also make phone calls in Spanish on your behalf and report back to you with the results (all minutes used will be deducted from the total)
  • Save over 20% with Prepaid Call Bundles…

phone call service:

We can make a call in Spanish for you and report back with the results.

  • Need to…Call the Doctors or Hospital to check on an appointment time or department?
  • Call the Vet to see if you can collect the dog yet?
  • Boiler or Air Conditioning broken so you need to call a technician and then speak with them once they arrive?​​​
  • Call the garage to see if the car is ready, or go through the bill with them once you’re there?
  • Call the takeaway and get the order right for once or BE SURE the waiter understands your child’s allergy?!

None of this is a problem with CALL BUNDLES!