Instant Telephone Interpretation Service 24h

Integrated ExPat Support Service

Quick Fix

A smaller issue that needs some local knowledge, experience and linking to the right service, or guiding to the right department.

We’ll work to link your solution to you within 1 hour. (During business hours 10h-16h Monday-Friday.)

Only 29,99€

Bigger Issue

Things a bit more complicated that need more in-depth investigation and various calls etc.

Although we will endeavour to link you to your solution within 2 hours, the remaining minutes can be carried over to another day if appropriate to await resolution or answers from 3rd parties, etc. (During business hours 10h-19h Monday-Friday.)

Only 59,99€

VIP Service 24h

Ongoing help needed on an extraordinary or drawn out case.

We’ll work for you round the clock 24/7 to link you to the solution and help you through to the very end, within the month, for up to 10 hours every month.

Time can also be used with the Instant Interpretation Service 24h.

(Accumulated hours will be carried over to each month that the subscription is maintained.)

Only 599,99€


Often, when moving abroad, you can find yourself faced with situations that are not only new to you, and possibly in a language you’re not yet familiar with, or simply so different to anything you expected that you just don’t know where to turn to begin to find the solution…

This is where we can help.

Our experienced staff know where to get the information required to get you on the right track to solve your problem. We have access to Gestors, Lawyers, Technical Centres and way more – thanks to the internet! Of course, combined with their local knowledge or how Spain works, our staff are also bilingual and so can make the call or calls required to get to the bottom of your situation and link you to your awaiting solution, make your appointment, send the location to your phone, tell you where to go with your item or send the appropriate technician to you, if needed.

It could be anything:

  • TV broken
  • Can’t configure your mobile phone
  • iPad is going too slow
  • WiFi isn’t reaching where it should
  • Traffic fine
  • Bill you don’t understand or recognise
  • Overcharges you can’t get back
  • Permission to build
  • Setting up in Business
  • Mobility Parking Permits
  • Change of Driving Licence
  • Change of Residency
  • Health Insurance
  • Write a Will
  • Broken Gate
  • Funeral Arrangements
  • Regular Support for you and your Business
  • Water or Electric cut off.
  • Contact us to ask anything…We’ll immediately tell you if we can help.

Our Experienced staff will be able to assess your situation to put you in touch with the relevant and legal help or service, in your area when necessary or sometimes they’ll be able to find you a choice of local and national options. They can then hand you over to the Instant Telephone Interpretations 24h Team to help during visits when needed.

Business Support Packages

Contact us using the form below or via the live chat NOW!

We can set up regular, dependable multilingual support for your business, without the headache of hiring full-time. Let us know what you need and we can provide a quotation tailored to you.

Tell us what you need and we’ll get straight back to you.

Things we can’t do

We’ll be sure to tell you up front if we know we simply can’t help link you to a reasonable solution, within a reasonable time.

  • For this reason we can’t offer refunds once work has commenced. We may agree to hold credit for future use in special circumstances.
  • Anything illegal.
  • Obtain private information of any kind.
  • Visit you or meet with you. We link you to the correct service provider who will visit or meet you if required.
  • Anything we discuss and tell you we cannot do during our conversations.
  • We can’t include any 3rd party costs or charges in payments to us. All additional products or services you agree to will be billed separately and directly by the supplier or provider.


The word Problem comes from Middle English probleme, from Middle French probleme, from Latin problema, from Ancient Greek πρόβλημα (próblēma, “anything thrown forward, hinderance, obstacle, anything projecting, a headland, promontory”), from προβάλλω (probállō, “to throw or lay something in front of someone, to put forward”), from προ- (pro-, “in front of”) + βάλλω (bállō, “to throw, to cast, to hurl”).

We prefer to say there is no such thing as a problem, only a situation awaiting it’s solution.

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