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If you are here, you already know that myfriendsinspain is all about helping you in and out of all kinds of linguistic situations, both good and bad.

But, did you know that you can also earn money by referring your friends to our Monthly Subscription Plan?

Referrals – how does it work?

Very simple! Once you join, you can also refer friends so all of their payments, and future referrals they make are also linked to you – forever!

  • For each friend who subscribes, you will receive 1€ (10%)
  • For each friend they register with us, they will receive 1€, but you will also receive another 1€ (10%)

So, imagine you refer just 10 friends, you will receive 10€. This will cover your subscription and you will use our service for free!

However, if each of your friends also refers 10 friends, not only will they get their subscription covered, but you will also receive an additional 100€ per month! (10×10=100)

But it doesn’t stop there! There are two more levels so you can keep earning on friends of friends’ referrals…

Level 1 Referral10%
Level 2 Referral10%
Level 3 Referral5%
Level 4 Referral2.5%

This will allow the following example earnings based on all friends referring 10 friends and subscribing to the Monthly 15 Minutes Subscription of 10€:

Level 1 Referral1€ (x10)10€
Level 2 Referral1€ (x10x10)100€
Level 3 Referral0.50€ (x10x10x10)500€
Level 4 Referral0.25€ (x10x10x10x10)2500€
Subtotal PER MONTH3110€
Subscription cost-10€
Total MONTHLY Earnings3100€

Of course these numbers will vary, based on how many friends each of the friends refer – but there is no limit to the number of friends each friend can directly refer. This is an example.

In simple terms, by referring a few friends, you can enjoy our service without it costing you, or even earn an income – and so can your friends!

Referral Payments

  • Payments will be processed using PayPal
  • PayPal may charge you to receive payment

For more details refer to T&C.

Join The Referral Program NOW

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For the modest price of 10€ per month, you will have 15 minutes of Telephone Interpretation Service whenever you need it – this represents a MASSIVE discount on our usual prices, and, on top of this, we’ll also send you 1€ back for each friend you refer that signs up too.

Your minutes can be used for our Telephone Interpretation Service and our phonecall service.

Any unused minutes will be carried over up to a maximum of 1 hour – or can even be gifted to a friend in need!

So, whether you’re an Expat living abroad, a person who likes to travel and gets into linguistic pickles, a business requiring linguistic support or you simply want to earn some extra cash on the side, then this program is for YOU!

Subscription Includes

15 minutes of Telephone Interpretation or Phonecall Service every month.

Your 15 minutes of Call Time is renewed every month, any unused time accumulates, up to a maximum of 1 hour.

Telephone Interpretation Service

  • Once you join the subscription program you will be given a direct number where you can request a callback from an interpreter with your required language combination.

phonecall service

  • You can request calls to be made on your behalf and we’ll respond to you with the results of that call.
Cancel or Pause Any Time

You can cancel or pause your Subscription from your account on our site at any time.

Got a Question?

Ask the person that sent you this link, or hit us up on the Live Chat now.

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