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Spotlight Businesses With Foreign Clients: Dear Holiday Home Owners, Enjoy More Vacations and Upgrades by Referring Our Language Assistance Service!

Dear Holiday Home Owner,

Owning a holiday home is a fantastic way to enjoy beautiful getaways and create lasting memories.
However, managing the property from afar and navigating the language barriers when you visit can be challenging.

With our language assistance service, you can enjoy a seamless experience and also earn a steady income, allowing you to visit more often or invest in refurbishing your property.

Plus, by referring our service to other expats and holiday home owners, you can significantly boost your earnings.

Unlock the Potential of Your Holiday Home & Enhance Your Holiday Experience

Our language assistance service offers holiday home owners several benefits:

Seamless Communication: Whether you need to communicate with local contractors, service providers, or neighbours, our service ensures you can effectively convey your needs without language barriers.

Peace of Mind: Enjoy your stay without worrying about misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Flexible Usage: Build up unused minutes from your subscription for future visits, ensuring you have ample support when you need it.

The 4-Level Commission System: A Passive Income Opportunity

By recommending our service to other holiday home owners and expats, you can tap into our lucrative 4-level commission system.

Here’s how it works:

Earn Commissions: Each time someone signs up using your personalised QR code, you earn a commission.

Four Levels Deep: Earn commissions on referrals made by your direct referrals, and their referrals, up to four levels deep.

Long-Term Earnings: As more people sign up and use the service, your income grows, providing a reliable, passive income stream.

How to Get Started

To start benefiting from our service and earning commissions, fill out our sign-up form. You’ll receive your personalised QR code and access to marketing materials, including ready-made graphics and templates, to help you promote the service.

Ready to enhance your holiday experience and earn extra income?

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How to Implement and Promote the Service:

  • Display QR Codes at Your Property: Place personalised QR codes in visible locations around your holiday home. Visitors and guests can scan these codes to learn more about the language assistance service. If you rent out your holiday home, leave an A4 printable with your QR code in a prominent place. Each guest who scans and buys our service adds to your monthly income.
  • Network with Other Holiday Home Owners: Share your positive experiences with other holiday home owners and expats you meet. Explain how the service has benefited you and how it can help them too.
  • Utilise Social Media: Promote the service on your social media profiles. Share your personalised QR code and referral link along with testimonials about how the service has made your stays more enjoyable and stress-free.
  • Include in Your Rental Listings: If you rent out your holiday home, include information about the language assistance service in your rental listings. This added benefit can attract more renters and increase your referral potential.

As a holiday home owner, you have a unique opportunity to not only enhance your own stays but also support other expats and holiday home owners in your community.

By recommending our language assistance service, you can ensure seamless communication, earn a steady income, and potentially invest in more frequent visits or property upgrades.

Let us help you enjoy your holiday home even more and pay you for the privilege!

Warm regards,
Your friends at myfriendsinspain!

(*Remember, If you are sending this article to sign up a new a collaborator, please be sure to create your own personalised referral link to it before sending!)


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