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Spotlight: Businesses With Foreign Clients

Unleash A New Revenue Stream For Your Business: Serving Foreign Clients More Effectively

Are You A Business Owner Offering Services To A Diverse Clientele In Areas With A Significant Expat Or International Tourist Population?

Your dedication to delivering the best services doesn’t end with the transaction.

While your primary focus is on serving your clients effectively, your foreign clients may require more than just your core offerings. They often grapple with language barriers and local intricacies.

But here’s the twist – you can turn this challenge into an incredible opportunity.

We’ve got a solution that not only elevates your customer service but also transforms your business contacts into a lifelong source of passive income.

Our Mission:

At myfriendsinspain, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses like yours. 

Your dedication to providing exceptional services means going the extra mile.

Your foreign clients may seek assistance beyond the scope of your business, such as language interpretation, communicating with local service providers, or handling local meetings.

That’s Where We Step In…

Our Role:

Our role is to complement your service. We offer language interpretation and support tailored to your clients, making their lives simpler.

  • Need to schedule an appointment with a local service provider? We can assist.
  • Does a client have a meeting or appointment they need linguistic help for? We’ve got them covered.
  • With our support, your clients will feel cared for and confident 24/7, ensuring their loyalty to your business.

Commissions and Referrals:

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting.

At myfriendsinspain, We Believe In Partnerships.

We’re here to offer you an additional source of passive income that can compliment the high service you strive to deliver..

For Every Client You Refer To Us, We’ll Pay You A Commission.

By introducing myfriendsinspain to your clients, you become a trusted source of information and support for their everyday challenges, ensuring their long-term satisfaction.

And There’s MORE!

You Continue Earning From The Referral, Not Only From Your Direct Referrals But From Clients They Refer Too, Thanks To Our 4-Level Commission Structure.

Level 110%
Level 210%
Level 35%
Level 42.5%

Four-Level Commission Structure:

When you refer a client, you’ll receive a commission. But it doesn’t end there. If your referred client refers someone else to us, you’ll receive a commission from that second-level referral as well. The earning potential doesn’t stop; it expands through four levels. Your third-level referral’s referrals will also earn you a commission, and the same goes for the fourth level. 

A Unique Opportunity To Create A Passive Income Stream That Keeps Growing With Each New Referral.

Client Sign-Up:

Your clients can sign up with us and enjoy 15 minutes of language assistance for only 10€ per month, any additional requirements are charged separately. You can assist them in signing up using your personalised referral link, ensuring you remain their primary contact for their needs related to your business with them, we’ll take over other subjects, and you’ll continue to get paid.

How to Get Started:

Are You Ready To Offer An Unparalleled Level Of Service To Your Clients And Create A New Passive Revenue Stream For Your Business?

It’s straightforward. Join myfriendsinspain and start referring your clients to us using your personalised referral link. You can create a digital QR card with your personalised referral link and provide it as a resource to your clients or to simply show them whilst talking. You’ll be offering extra support as they need it 24/7 and enjoy the lifelong passive income that comes along with it.

*Website is optional

In Today’s Competitive World, Exceptional Customer Service Is What Sets You Apart.

By partnering with myfriendsinspain, you can provide a unique post-service option that not only distinguishes you from the competition but also ensures a steady stream of passive income. We become the go-to resource for your clients, offering assistance in any situation that arises outside of your typical business offerings.

It’s A Win-Win For Your business AND Your Clients.

Ready to get started? Fill out the form above to embark on a journey to enhance your clients’ experience, boost your lifetime earnings, and create a growing network of passive income through our four-level commission structure.

(*Remember, If you are sending this article to sign up a new a collaborator, please be sure to create your own personalised referral link to it before sending!)


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