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Spotlight: Foreign Patients, Unlocking Effective Communication in Medical Facilities

Welcome To A New Era Of Healthcare Communication!

For Medical Professionals:

Providing the best possible care often extends beyond medical expertise; it involves bridging language barriers with patients from diverse backgrounds.

Here’s where myfriendsinspain steps in to make a significant difference in your medical practice.

Connecting Through Language

As a medical professional, you understand the importance of clear communication in healthcare. But what happens when a patient speaks a language you’re not familiar with? Instead of relying on machine translations or waiting for an interpreter to arrive, myfriendsinspain offers a seamless and instant telephone solution. By recommending our language services to your patients, you ensure effective and accurate communication during consultations.

A word from Martin:

How It Works

When you recommend myfriendsinspain to your patients, they gain access to professional telephone interpreters covering several languages. This means you can discuss diagnoses, treatment plans, and other crucial information with confidence, knowing that language barriers won’t impede your quality of care.

We simply call the client as they begin their appointment with you and translate your conversation via hands-free or by passing the phone between parties.

The Power of Referral

Beyond enhancing patient communication, our referral program is designed to benefit YOU (or the Charity of your choice.) 

As a medical professional or facility, you’re well-connected within your community. When you refer patients to myfriendsinspain, not only do they receive exceptional language services, but you also unlock our unique commission structure.

The 4-Level Commission Structure

Here’s how the commission structure works:
  • Level 1 (10%): Earn commission from the clients you directly refer.
  • Level 2 (10%): Receive commission from the clients referred by those you brought in.
  • Level 3 (5%): Continue earning from the clients of your Level 3 affiliates.
  • Level 4 (2.5%): Enjoy passive income from the clients referred by your Level 4 affiliates.

This four-level structure ensures that as you refer more clients and they refer their friends and contacts creating a network of affiliates, your passive monthly earnings grow exponentially.

The Best Part?

Once your monthly commissions reach 10€, we activate a 15 Minute Subscription for you too, ensuring you also have access to our language services without any cost to you.

Empowering Your Practice

The myfriendsinspain referral program goes beyond facilitating communication; it empowers your practice by providing a continuous stream of passive income. Imagine earning commissions not just from your direct referrals but also from the referrals made by the clients you introduced to our services. It’s a powerful way to turn your language services recommendation into a long-term financial benefit.

Getting Started

Sign Up: Joining the referral program is simple.

Just sign up here, and you’ll get access to your unique Personalise Referral link – and a whole lot more, in the Referral Dashboard.

*Website is optional

Recommend: Recommend myfriendsinspain To Your Patients Who Face Language Barriers.

Earn Commissions: As your referrals sign up and use our services, you start earning commissions. The more clients you refer, the more you earn.

Activate Your Subscription: Once your monthly earnings reach 10€, we activate your subscription, giving you access to our language services without any upfront cost. This 10€ covers the mandatory subscription fee.

For Medical Facilities

This referral program isn’t limited to individual practitioners. Hospitals, surgeries, clinics, and practices can also benefit (not to mention any business with foreign clients, expats and travel fans.) When your facility becomes part of the referral program, it opens avenues for passive income and ensures seamless communication with all patients, irrespective of language differences. You can directly use our commission structure with your team as it rewards you and your staff for their recommendations.

Create the company account, then create the individual staff accounts using your Personalised Referral link from the company account, then the individual staff members can use their own Personalised Referral links to refer the patients. This will ensure that you all benefit from the 4 level commission structure and as everybody’s subscriptions are activated by the initial commissions from the patients’ purchases, you will not only have our service available without cost, but you will also receive the commissions on all purchases (and active subscriptions) within the 4-Level network.

You can download Personalised QR codes and even templates to set them on from inside our system to make the communication of the service as simple as the patient or family member scanning the code. This will link their purchase to that account for life thus ensuring the commissions are correctly distributed.

Enhance your medical practice or facility by ensuring effective communication with all your patients, regardless of language differences.

With myfriendsinspain, you not only provide a valuable service to your patients but also open the door to a continuous and growing stream of passive income through our referral program.

Ready To Improve Patient Communication And Boost Your Practice’s Bottom Line?

Join myfriendsinspain To Start Unlocking The Benefits Today!

(*Remember, If you are sending this article to sign up a new a collaborator, please be sure to create your own personalised referral link to it before sending!)


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