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Unlocking New Revenue Streams for Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol Real Estate Agents By Turning One-Time Commissions Into Lifelong Recurring Passive Incomes!

Are You A Real Estate Agent Operating On The Costa Blanca Or Costa Del Sol In Spain?

We understand that your job is more than just buying and selling properties; it’s about making dreams come true.

However, you’re also no stranger to the unique challenges that come with it.

One challenge that stands out is the post-sale language support you’re often called upon to provide for your international clients.

Picture this: you’ve successfully sold a beautiful property to a client from abroad, and you’ve seen the joy and excitement in their eyes as they take possession of their new home. However, as time goes on, they need more than just a beautiful property; they need someone to bridge the language barrier and help them navigate their new life in Spain. This is where myfriendsinspain comes into the picture.

We understand that your clients often ask for a range of language-related “favours” post-sale, whether it’s making calls to connect services like TV or the internet, communicating with a neighbour or delivery person, or reading a letter. These requests, though well-intentioned, can quickly become time-consuming, especially when you aren’t compensated for your efforts.

Let Us Take The Load Off

At myfriendsinspain, we specialise in providing instant telephone interpretation services, bridging language barriers and making life easier for your clients. With our help, your clients can connect, communicate, and understand the intricacies of life in Spain, without adding extra tasks to your to-do list. It’s our mission to take that load off your shoulders.

Your Solution

We’re not just here to make your life easier; we’re here to make it more profitable! We understand that your clients are prime candidates for our services, and we want to partner with you to create a seamless transition for them.

Here’s how we can make it a win-win situation:

We will provide a commission to you for every client you pass to us, for life.

We’ll help you create your own unique myfriendsinspain digital QR card and personalised referral link that you can send to your clients. We will then serve as a valuable resource for them as they settle into their new property, helping them overcome language barriers and communicate with ease. By providing this thoughtful gesture of recommending this highly useful service to them, you not only make your clients’ lives easier but also demonstrate how you are even more helpful and attentive, way beyond just the sale.

Making It Even Better

We don’t stop at rewarding you for just your referrals; we take it a step further.

When your clients, impressed by our services, recommend us to others, you’ll continue to earn commissions on their referrals too.

Our four-level commission structure means that you’ll earn from every client we serve within those levels of your initial client, creating a passive income source that keeps on giving, even though you only made that very first recomendation. Imagine repeating that with all your clients!

Here’s a breakdown of our commission structure:

Level 110%
Level 210%
Level 35%
Level 42.5%

Creating a Network

We’re not just offering you a commission for your referrals; we’re offering you a chance to build your own network. You can recruit other real estate agents, friends, suppliers and more and, by doing so, tap into their client base and earn from that too. This can turn not only your clients, but your competitors into valuable collaborators and create a new revenue stream for you. You can recruit them simply by sending your own Personalised Link to this article that you’l be able to create from your Dashboard once your inside the system! It’s a win-win strategy where everyone benefits.

Are You Ready To Recommend The Ultimate Language Help Resource To Your Clients AND Create An Additional Lifelong Passive Income Stream For Yourself?

Unlock new opportunities and revenue streams by partnering with myfriendsinspain. Our services are the solution to your clients’ post-sale language-related needs. The process is simple: Sign up for free with no payment nor obligation. The only condition is that we’ll retain the first 10€ of each month’s commissions to cover the mandatory 15 Minute Subscription. Once activated, you’ll have access to 15 minutes of call time with us each month, which can be used for personal calls or for assisting your clients.

Sign Up NOW And Join Us In Spreading Happiness Through Clarity!

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In the case where you introduce us to your clients and they sign up, their account is linked to you for life, so they remain your clients.

You’ve made their transition into life in Spain smoother and more enjoyable, and now we want to make sure you’re rewarded for it.
(*Remember, If you are sending this article to sign up a new a collaborator, please be sure to create your own personalised referral link to it before sending!)


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