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Unlocking the Power of Passive Income: Your 10×10 Journey with myfriendsinspain

Congratulations! You’ve made a smart choice by joining the myfriendsinspain Referral Program, and you’re now on your way to unlocking the potential of passive income.

In this article, we’ll explore strategies and steps to help you create a substantial monthly income, exceeding 3000€, by leveraging the myfriendsinspain Referral Program.

Understanding the Commission Structure:

The foundation of your passive income journey lies in comprehending our referral program’s commission structure, and the sheer power it wields:
Level 1 Referral10%
Level 2 Referral10%
Level 3 Referral5%
Level 4 Referral2.5%

By helping find new clients for myfriendsinspain and guiding others to do the same, you can tap into this multi-level commission structure and build a network that extends to four levels.

Now, let’s delve into the first key strategy:

The 10×10 Network:

To begin, focus on building a 10×10 Network. That’s ten individuals at each of the four levels who subscribe to the 10€ per month 15 Minutes Subscription Package. This 10×10 structure can bring significant potential earnings:

Level 1 Referral 10%1€ (x10)10€
Level 2 Referral 10%1€ (x10x10)100€
Level 3 Referral 5%0.50€ (x10x10x10)500€
Level 4 Referral 2.5%0.25€ (x10x10x10x10)2,500€
 Subtotal PER MONTH3,110€
 Subscription cost-10€
 Total MONTHLY Earnings3,100€

Here’s where the beauty of simplicity comes into play.

Your initial focus should be on finding ONE person, it may feel like a difficult and daunting task, but also the most important, because everyone after that becomes easier!

Getting Started – Finding Your First Person:

We understand that the thought of expanding your network to a 10×10 structure can be quite daunting. But, it all begins with that very first person…

To start, it’s crucial to prepare what you want to say and how you want to approach the conversation, don’t over complicate it. Let our system do the work for you. Prepare your resources, ensure you have your unique QR code ready by downloading it from the Links section of your dashboard, then download the appropriate QR template from the media page and place your individual QR code on it. Save it in your phone for quick access. This not only looks cool but also serves as a protective measure for your commissions. Anyone who scans your QR code and makes a purchase within 180 days becomes your client for life, securing your earnings.

Example QR Templates:

You Are Now Ready To Get Posting!

Using the variety of Social Media and other platforms available as described in our Introduction Course, you can develop a posting strategy and it shouldn’t take long to start to connect with some suitable people.

Once You Have The Right Person In Mind:

  1. Whether someone you’ve identified through your social media activities or someone you already know who would greatly benefit from this program, simply and politely, request a conversation with them.
  2. After they agree to chat, send them your referral link, directing them to either the homepage or registration page depending on your strategy with this person (client first or collaborator first?) Politely request that they watch the 3-minute video before the conversation.
  3. This introduction sets the stage for a meaningful dialogue about the myfriendsinspain Referral Program and its incredible potential. Specifically yet politely requesting that they watch the 3-minute video ensures they do actually watch it AND to the end, as you were kind enough to prewarn them exactly how much time it will require from them!

This way, by the time you speak to them, they will know as much as you did when you first started.

They may ask some of the same questions you did, so you’ll know the answers already! If they do ask something you’re not sure about, never make up an answer nor be evasive. Simply say you don’t know and you’ll get the answer. Speak to the person that brought you in or drop us an email if it’s a service-related or technical question.

4. Explain the simple signing-up process and send them YOUR link to the Register Page, (just to be sure) – and don’t forget to tell them to whitelist our emails so they receive the same emails as you.

Then you can focus on repeating the process to bring in nine more individuals…

…and teaching them to do the same.

As you already know, any sensible person like you, entering the myfriendsinspan Referral Program will follow the exact same process as you did. They will also do the course and fully understand the potential of the comission structure, like you did. They will probably read this article, too. So, they will look to create their own 10×10, just like you—and this is when the magic will happen, before your very eyes…

Before you know it, you will have 10 team members all intent on building their own 10×10 – and all the while expanding YOUR team for you! 

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

Think of it like a “relay-race-marathon!” – passing the “baton” to the next runner and watching them pick up the pace again. Do that in 10 directions, and you will soon be enjoying the results!

This is how the 10×10 network begins to grow by itself, creating an opportunity for substantial passive income.

But we’re not stopping there; we’re taking it even further…

Expanding Your Network:

The simplicity of bringing in ten quality individuals and teaching them to do the same is a fundamental concept that underpins the growth of your passive income. Now let’s examine how your earnings can expand if you take it even further and build larger networks:

1. 11×11 Network:

If you add one more person at all levels, your network becomes an 11×11 structure. This modest expansion will have a notable impact on your income. With the same 10€ per month 15 Minutes Subscription Package only, your potential earnings in this 11×11 network can reach:

Level 1 Referral 10%1€ (x11)11€
Level 2 Referral 10%1€ (x11x11)121€
Level 3 Referral 5%0.50€ (x11x11x11)665.50€
Level 4 Referral 2.5%0.25€ (x11x11x11x11)3,660.25€
 Subtotal PER MONTH4,457.75€
 Subscription cost-10€
 Total MONTHLY Earnings4,447.75€

2. 15×15 Network:

Expanding your network to a 15×15 structure elevates your potential earnings significantly. With every added member and the duplication of efforts, you could be looking at impressive earnings potential in this larger network:

Level 1 Referral 10%1€ (x15)15€
Level 2 Referral 10%1€ (x15x15)225€
Level 3 Referral 5%0.50€ (x15x15x15)1,687.50€
Level 4 Referral 2.5%0.25€ (x15x15x15x15)12,656.25€
 Subtotal PER MONTH14,583.75€
 Subscription cost-10€
 Total MONTHLY Earnings14,573.75€

3. 20×20 Network:

The 20×20 network isn’t even the pinnacle of your earning potential, there are no limits! With a substantial number of individuals and referrals in your network, your passive income potential soars exponentially:

Level 1 Referral 10%1€ (x20)20€
Level 2 Referral 10%1€ (x20x20)400€
Level 3 Referral 5%0.50€ (x20x20x20)4,000€
Level 4 Referral 2.5%0.25€ (x20x20x20x20)40,000€
 Subtotal PER MONTH44,420€
 Subscription cost-10€
 Total MONTHLY Earnings44,410€

These figures are a testament to the power of the myfriendsinspain Referral Program. As you expand your network from 11×11 to 15×15 and finally to 20×20 and beyond, your potential earnings grow exponentially. Remember, it all starts with just ONE individual.

Inspire others to replicate your success, and together you can achieve the financial freedom you’ve dreamed of. The possibilities are limitless, and with each new member you add to your network, you’re not only enhancing your passive income potential but also helping others embark on their journey toward financial prosperity.

Here’s the magic: It all starts with just ONE individual.

As you bring in that first member and guide them, your network starts growing ONE by ONE until it begins to expand exponentially as new joiners replicate the process.

Tips and Strategies:

1. Build a Strong Foundation:

Ensure that you and your direct referrals have a solid understanding of the myfriendsinspain Referral Program and are down with the idea of building at least a 10×10. Education and training are key. Don’t overcomplicate; simply use the same system we created that brought you here, to bring them here!

2. Leverage the Media Resources:

Make use of the pre-made content available on our Media Resources page. These resources can help you communicate the program’s benefits and make your referrals’ journey more manageable.

3. Communication is Key:

Stay in regular contact with your network. Support and encourage them on their journey, answer questions, and provide assistance when needed. Request assistance from the person who brought you in when needed.

4. Create Duplication:

Teach your referrals to duplicate your efforts and use our system to inform people. As they bring in individuals and guide them to do the same, the network grows organically and exponentially.

5. Promote the Program:

Share your success story and the possibilities of passive income with your referrals. Inspire them to envision their own financial freedom.

Creating a substantial passive income through the myfriendsinspain Referral Program is within your reach.

The simplicity of building a 10×10 network, where each member recruits and teaches ten more, can lead to exponential growth. As you expand your network from 11×11 to 20×20 and beyond, your earnings will reflect your efforts and leadership.

The journey starts with a single referral, so inspire others to follow your lead and watch your passive income grow. Remember that our Media Resources page is your valuable asset, containing pre-made content to help you share the program effectively.

Unlock the power of passive income, and remember that your journey has just begun.

The possibilities are limitless, and with dedication and a well-structured approach, you can truly maximise your earnings in the myfriendsinspain Referral Program.

Remember to enlist the help of the person that brought you in – they are as keen as you are to see your success as it will be directly reflected in their commissions too!
(Don’t forget, we are always on hand too if you need anything!)

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